Global Congress Management
Healthcare Professionals and Key Opinion Leaders
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Key Strategic Congresses

Merck KGaA ist the oldest bio-pharmaceutical company in the world.

time change is a lead agency for the management of global key strategic congresses for Merck KGaA headquarters Darmstadt and EMD Serono in Boston

In addition we are partner for the worldwide affiliates of Merck KGaA to facilitate their individual congress demands.

Scope of Services


time change is managing a wide range of services

– strategic purchasing
– participant management (with eBrain by time change)
– ground logistics
– congress registration
– housing
– stand alone meetings

Overall, managing logistics in congress requires meticulous planning, coordination, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances while ensuring the smooth functioning of legislative operations and events.


Managing the complexities of logistics in a congressional setting involves coordinating various aspects of planning, transportation, housing, and resource allocation to ensure that congressional events, sessions, and operations run smoothly. Here are some of the key complexities in logistics congress management:

– transportation
– equipment and technology
– resource allocation
– participant management
– F&B services
– internal & external communication
– budget control
– compliance and regulations
– environmental considerations
– Contingency Planning