Code of Conduct

time change GmbH takes its social responsibility seriously in these volatile times. Since 2013 we are experts for events, destination and communication. In our work we deal with people and companies. It is important to us that this – often very intensive – cooperation is based on compliance with the law and the principles of internationally recognized standards. This applies to our customers, our partners and our team. We enter into business relationships with our partners under the stipulation and expectation of adhering to the Code of Conduct.

Compliance to applicable law (local, national, international)

Naturally! To make a long-term partnership with us successful, this is also expected from our suppliers and customers.

Fair design of competition

The basic principle of a free market economy is fair competition. Suppliers of time change GmbH undertake not to be involved in price fixing or customer sharing among competitors. This also applies to other competition-steering measures.

Conflict situations and foreign trade requirements

The partners of time change GmbH have to ensure that no activities are carried out that could support drug or human trafficking or armed conflicts.

Corruption and bribery

Any form of bribery or venality will not be tolerated. Be it to obtain an advantage or influence, nor to force business decisions.

Data privacy and handling of information

Our business partners observe strict confidentiality, as well as applicable laws and regulations, when collecting, storing and processing personal data and information from employees, customers or third parties. This also applies after the termination of the business relationship. Furthermore, confidential business information may not be disclosed to unauthorized persons. Business partners use information provided by time change GmbH exclusively for the fulfillment of the business contract.

Human rights

The core principles of the International Bill of Human Rights reflect the requirements of our suppliers, which also follow the legal requirements on the working environment and relationship. All work performed by the supplier must be based on a recognized employment relationship and our business partners ensure that wages are paid in accordance with national laws. time change GmbH despises any form of forced labor and child labor and requires its business partners to act in accordance with the ILO’s UN Conventions 138 and 182 on the Rights of the Child. Forced labor, i.e. any work performed by persons against their will or under threat of punishment, as well as modern forms of human trafficking will not be tolerated by us or our business partners. A healthy and hazard-free working environment that complies with health and safety laws is essential. Discrimination on the basis of nationality, gender, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, ideology, religion and other grounds covered by a ban on discrimination will not be tolerated by our suppliers in any way. Respectful interaction, without harassment, bullying and intimidation, is cultivated.


Our business partners ensure that the statutory regulations on operational and product-related environmental protection are adhered to. Own responsibility is taken in the handling of sustainable resources, as well as waste treatment and waste water treatment measures. Herewith we would like to inform you that this form of the Code of Conducts, which has been approved by the management, will come into force as of 01.01.2019. We would like to thank all our partners, who together with us live an ethical, responsible behavior in business.