event technology:
Live, virtual and hybrid – It’s no longer possible without integrated technology

Sophisticated incentives or spectacular product launches: Even live interactions need complementary digital solutions. Financial Budgeting and project details, deadline management or capacity planning, and not least registration and billing.
Optimize your events in the areas of finance, project management and resource planning. We cover the entire spectrum: planning, logistics, hospitality, billing and controlling.
We have expertise in website design. Attendee and contingent management, integrated change management, ticketing function with QR codes, payment and controlling functions ensure smooth processes. Everything is modular customizable at any time.

Your contacts

Jelka Fotiou recognizes the business need
Nicole Klier-de Hair knows processes and understands IT
Marina Arens empathizes with the client
Anick Schroeder assists clients with solutions in business and processes
Pauline Gasda assists clients with solutions in business and processes
Arslan Alvi Software architect
Benjamin Seiffarth Entry expert
Michael Werner Hardware

ROI & KPI Analysis:
The big picture

Maximize your ROI. We define key goals, KPIs and necessary requirements with you, aligning our planning with your target audience and measuring the ROI of your event. Beyond all the understandable event buzz and tinsel, actionable data is also an important measure of your success both now and in the future.


Event management made easy – developed by experts!

Our software eBrain will help you with planning, organizing and realization of your events. Our unique all-in-one platform for contemporary event management.
eBrain covers everything from participant management to disposition management – just what you need.
Simply select the tools you need for your event and start!
Virtual, hybrid or live events: With eTool everything becomes easily manageable!

Smart participant management:
Just what you need

Our clever software eBrain is made for easily creating event websites, managing participants and contingents. With integrated change management, electronic invitation management with calendars, ticketing with QR codes, payment and controlling functions: eBrain becomes the perfect addition to your planning process.


Professional project management:
Optimize your projects

eBrain enables you to effortlessly organize project groups and improve your team’s productivity. Optimize your data quality in finances, project management and resource planning. The quick and easy planning and budgeting process boosts your profit margin.


Finally! Perfect disposition management:
quick, easy, and digital

eBrain merges all supplier and tour information in one spot – no matter where you are! The software is your perfect addition for conferences, meetings, concerts, roadshows, and exhibitions.
eBrain simplifies the onsite management of your staff without paper in a few easy clicks.


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